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Snow in Wyoming is a certainty every year. Because of this, it makes sense to consider getting winter tires on your 2020 Chevrolet truck or SUV before the next snowfall hits in winter 2020. After all, there are many benefits of snow tires that make them a worthwhile purchase.

Winter tires are made to tackle cold weather
If you opt for winter tires, it’s important to know that they are made with a special rubber compound. This compound works best in colder temperatures – specifically when the temperature drops to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Colder surfaces give you less traction
Extreme cold can cause surfaces to become slicker than they would normally be, even if there’s no ice. Snow tires will give you the best traction possible, even on the slicker roads around Sheridan, allowing you to get the factory or farm in hazardous conditions.

Snow tires have deeper treads
To give you the best grip on snow, winter tires use a deep tread design. This design bites through snow, giving your Silverado a better hold on the road.

Sipes are prevalent
If you don’t know what sipes are, they’re the little grooves in your tires that help winter tires rotate down and stay in contact with the road. They siphen water from between the treads, helping give you the grip you need.

Winter tires are a must for those who drive Chevys in Wyoming like the Silverado or Tahoe. Order your set of winter tires to prepare for next winter.


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