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To get the best performance and longest life out of your Chevrolet Silverado truck, it’s crucial that you take good care of it. These tips from our service technicians at Hammer Chevrolet will help you preserve your Silverado’s suspension system so rides stay smooth and safe.

Why is suspension system maintenance important?

Your truck’s suspension system is what keeps your ride controlled, balanced, quiet, and smooth. The chassis and spring coils hold up the weight of the Silverado’s body, while shock absorbers protect the springs from the bumps of uneven terrain.

Struts give your truck the stable frame it needs to support its weight. The anti-sway bar shifts the wheels and keeps you balanced while rounding corners and making turns. The tires are another integral element of your suspension, as they are the point of contact between your Silverado and the road.

Inflate and rotate the tires

Keeping your tires properly inflated is an easy and effective way to extend the lifespan of your Chevy Silverado’s suspension system. The tires hold up your truck and can affect every part of the suspension system — from the chassis to the anti-sway bars.

Periodic rotation of the tires will also help prevent premature wear and tear, so we recommend having them rotated during every oil chance. Changing each tire’s position will help ensure that they provide good support for the rest of your suspension system.

Wash it during winter

The wheel wells and undercarriage of your Silverado truck can become covered in corrosive road salt during winter in Sheridan, Wyoming, which can lead to rapid rusting of the suspension components. Use a hose to rinse off the shocks and springs frequently, and scrub the underside regularly in a car wash.

Listen to your truck

Listen for unusual knocking sounds when going over bumps or driving over rough surfaces, as they could be a sign of worn-down spring coils.

Damaged valves and leaking fluids can possibly harm the shock absorbers; if your Silverado feels at all bouncy while rounding corners, you might have impaired shock absorbers. Rattling noises and an unbalanced truck are telltale signs of damaged struts.

Whenever you hear suspicious sounds, it’s time for an inspection.

Get regular inspections at Hammer Chevrolet

Hammer Chevrolet’s service department is staffed by knowledgeable truck experts who know what to look for in the suspension system. We can fix any problems that might arise and alert you of hazards you might not notice.

To schedule a suspension checkup for your Silverado or other pickup truck, call Hammer Chevrolet or conveniently schedule an appointment online now.

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