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Social media, third-wave coffee, memes… these are all things that might be associated with the millennial generation. Now, thanks to a new study by Autolist, Chevrolet vehicles can be added to that list. According to the study, Chevrolet is the top auto brand for millennials.

Millennials are the next big wave of car shoppers. This group of people generally refers to anyone born between 1981 and 1996. This group has a current age range between 23 and 38, so the Autolist study examined shoppers under the age of 36.

In the study, Autolist sought to reveal just which types of vehicles these shoppers are most drawn to. The study looked at which brand millennials are most likely to buy, as well as which brand this group identifies with. The results showed that Chevrolet vehicles are the ones millennials are most interested in purchasing in the future, as well as the brand that many of them own right now.

Millennials prefer Chevrolets over any other vehicle sold in the states, including Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Dodge. A major part of the appeal to millennials is likely the affordability in the Chevrolet lineup, as well as the approachability. Chevy also offers many of the features that millennials value, like smartphone compatibility, a standard feature in most of the brand’s vehicles, making them an irresistible option for the millennial lifestyle.

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