Tips for Reading in the Car On A Road Trip

June 8th, 2021 by

Tips for Reading in the Car During a Road Trip | Sheridan, WY


If you’re a passenger on a long road trip, the many hours of driving can be long and monotonous, and a great way to get some enjoyment from those hours is by reading a book. Unfortunately, if you suffer from motion sickness, reading in the car is the opposite of relaxing. Our team at Hammer Chevrolet has put together some tips for reading in the car during a road trip.

Use medication

There are a variety of anti-nausea medications available over the counter. A popular choice is Dramamine®. Keep in mind that some medications may have a side effect of making you feel drowsy, so be sure to read the label.

Lean back

When you look down at a book in the car, your eyes and body are getting different signals. Your eyes tell your brain you are sitting still while your inner ears feel the movement of the car. This is what causes motion sickness. Leaning back slightly — and safely — can help counteract some of these feelings.

Try motion sickness glasses

These odd-looking glasses may be just the thing to cure your motion sickness. The four circles are filled with brightly colored liquid to give your eyes a false horizon. This helps eliminate the mixed messages in your brain while you enjoy that novel.

Whether you’re driving around Sheridan, Wyoming, or venturing further across the U.S., you may need some additional entertainment on your next road trip. And if these tips don’t work, you could always try an audiobook instead of the physical copy.

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