Tips for Towing and Hauling with Your Chevy Truck in Sheridan, WY

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If you dream of owning your own camper or boat, or you just need to haul a trailer, you’ll need to know how to tow. One major key to towing success is having the right equipment, including the right vehicle. Chevrolet trucks are known for their strong towing and hauling capabilities. Here is a quick towing guide to get you started.

Best Chevy vehicles for towing

Chevrolet trucks are the best vehicles for towing. The midsize Colorado, full-size Silverado 1500, and the heavy-duty Silverado HD trucks offer a full range of towing capabilities. When properly equipped, the Colorado can achieve a max tow rating of 7,700 pounds, and the Silverado 1500 can reach 13,400 pounds. If you still need more power, upgrading to the Silverado 2500 HD will give you a tow rating of 18,510 pounds, and the mighty Silverado 3500 HD takes it to the max with an amazing 35,500 pounds.

Safety procedures

Before you start towing, you need to know if your vehicle is rated for towing and how much it can handle. Keep in mind that your practical tow limit will be lower than the maximum tow limit listed for your vehicle.

Make sure you hitch up your trailer before you start loading it. This will help make sure it is balanced and will not tip while trying to load heavy items. To hitch your trailer, carefully back your vehicle up until the trailer ball is centered over your hitch ball mount. This is easiest to do with another person. Lower the trailer onto the hitch and tighten the connection. Then, connect the wiring.

When driving with an attached trailer, be sure to drive carefully and slowly. Start braking earlier than usual and leave more space between you and the vehicle ahead.

Towing accessories

One of the main towing accessories that you absolutely need is a tow hitch. Make sure you get a strong hitch that is designed to fit your vehicle and has a good tow rating. Another accessory that can make towing easier is a camera system. The Silverado trucks are available with up to 15 camera views.

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